Do You Come To My Home To Give Me A Free Estimate Of The Cost To Remodel?
We Would Be Happy To Visit You At Your Home To Share A Variety Of Ideas And Possibilities For Your Remodel. We Will Also Give You An Estimate Of A Budget Range For Your Remodel Project During Our Visit. We Do Not Charge For This Service.

What Does It Take To Come Up With A Plan To Remodel The Kitchen?
We Will Need To Work Together To Develop Your Wants And Needs For Your Kitchen Project. We Start With The Design Phase. During This Process We Will Mix Your Ideas With Our Kitchen Remodeling Skill To Come Up With Options That Will Ultimately Lead To The Perfect Plan For Your New Kitchen.

Can We Have Wood Floors Installed In Our Kitchen?
Many People Have Installed Wood Floors In Their Kitchens With Excellent Results. Water Can Be An Issue But Normal Kitchen Activity Is No Problem. There Are Also Automated Water Shut Off Valve That Can Be Installed In Your Kitchen And Laundry Room That Will Shut Off The Water Supply In The Case Of A Leak In An Appliance.

Do You Do Small Projects?
Yes, We Will Do Small Projects With The Same Commitment As Large Projects. Call Us To Let Us Know What You Are Looking For And How We Can Help You.

Can You Provide Us With Any References Or Testimonial Letters From Former Customers?
Mostly Happily! If You Are On-Line You Can Access Many Of Them Through Our Website